The fall of light

3 stages nudestudy

This is a study of how an oil painting is constructed. This particular exercise was about the fall of light, so our model had quite a harsh light directly above her left shoulder, which cast interesting shadows over her body. We also had a different model for the second half of the exercise, painted over a full term of 8 weeks at ACSA (Adelaide Central School of Art), which is evident in the slight change of body structure. I chose not to include the head knowing that this change was going to occur. Firstly we begin with a charcoal sketch on paper which is then transferred onto the canvas via a grid method. The second stage is the Grisaille (or underpainting) which is where I sometimes feel my paintings are at their best, because they are quick brush strokes with not too much detail applied. The final painting is created in the Alla prima style; directly applied paint rather than building up the layers.

Note: I acknowledge that this was created during the life painting second year class, with tutor Rod Gutteridge from Adelaide Central School of Art.