Portrait from the Academy


Whilst at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, I undertook my first ‘site size’ portrait. Having always painted from photographs this is my first portrait done from a live model. It was a first also in that I had to draw with a paintbrush without having sketched her in charcoal onto the canvas first (which is how I normally work). Not only was I surprised at how easy it was, but also how accurately this can be accomplished with only the use of string for measuring, just as they did in the Renaissance era. The resemblance to the model was also uncanny and accurate. Yes I should have had her pose for the photo as per the portrait,…but you can see she was quite pleased.


Renaissance drawing study

Renaissance study

Whilst studying a drawing and painting intensive 6 week course at the Florence Academy of Fine Art recently (October 2015) I drew copies from Charles Bargue (insert), which is the form of art practise undertaken at these atelier schools. Copy copy copy for practise sake. The drawing on the right however is one I undertook upon my arrival back in Australia, drawn in the same method with reference to my past wine label experience and the filigree work I used to do. It is a combination of the wonderful inspiration taken from tapestries fabrics and sculpture experienced whilst in this magnificent medieval city of art. The medium is pencil, acrylic, and gold leaf (from Florence) on cold press artboard.