Myself as Roxane


Oil on Canvas 76cm x 91cm June 2015

The concept of Roxane as my alter ego; the younger woman, the darker side, the rebel, my animus. The tattoos and piercings are of course fictitious but symbolic of the animus. The light and dark backgrounds and singlets represent the ying yang of life, the light and dark forces, the good girl with the pearl earing turning a blind eye to it all, and of course the bad girl who holds the gaze. I believe we all have these innate traits, but how well we control these aspects to our persona makes us who we really are. The portrait is not finished. Maybe I shall revisit it in years to come,…add some more lines, more texture, more layers, as in life itself. Perhaps I will work on it until I die and watch it age along with me. Or perhaps I will do as Picasso recommends…quote: “We never finish paintings, we abandon them.” Knowing when of course is the key to any good painting.