Sacrifice _cover_2015

A Sacrifice of the Heart

by Barbara Harkness

Internationally renowned Barbara Harkness rose to prominence in the 1990s and early millennium years as the creator of the Yellow Tail wine brand. Her first book, Sacrifice, relives those halcyon days of the Australian wine industry in an emotional journey of love, sacrifice and self-empowerment through the romantic vineyards of Bordeaux, Barossa Valley and Cote D’Azur.

Adelaide, SA – February 2015 — With maturity, soul and a touch of subtlety, Sacrifice delivers like a good wine. The book chronicles two years in the life of Barbara Harkness during the mid-90s, from her divorce to the rebirth of love with Michael, a married Englishman who lives 10,000 miles away on the other side of the world.

Granted permission by Michael before his death in 2014, Barbara has released volumes of love letters from Michael and herself detailing the passion, sacrifice and pain of two lovers kept apart by the tyranny of distance and the duty of marriage.

As Thomas Liddle, founding editor of Spectrum magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, remarked,”You will find yourself pausing to reflect on the love you have, the loves that might have been, and how love is the ultimate driving force we all seek, because it simply makes us feel alive.”

About Barbara Harkness — Barbara Harkness was born in New Zealand in 1957 and made Australia her home in 1974. After completing a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication in 1990, she established her own consultancy as a graphic designer. Barbara is the creator of the internationally famous Yellow Tail wine brand. She currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia.