The Power of Coincidence

Sacrifice book

This week I had a private launch for my newly released book ‘Sacrifice’ with my women’s networking group TAN (The Adelaide Network). It was a small gathering of only 20 guests, therefore intimate, just like my story.

I had deliberated about how I would sell it in on the night. My tag ‘Life is Art’ is my own justification, but I needed an angle with which to set the tone of the book to my audience. In brief, Sacrifice’ comprises an eighteen-month period of my life, which engages with another through the art-felt expression of letters. Revert to 1995 when this all happened to me/us, barely twenty years ago when the world was a vastly different place. Before emails, social media, texting and reality TV cluttered and clogged up the airwaves, people wrote letters and phoned each other. ‘Sacrifice’ is a simple story about an extraordinary long distance love affair experienced on the cosmic plane and tells of how we all have this ability to connect without telecommunication devices if we are open to the Universe and its gifts.

The day prior to the launch I had decided to use the incidence of coincidence in our lives to sell in my story, owing to the nature of amazing coincidences, which played out during this period in my life.

On the day of the launch it also happened to be Gough Whitlam’s public memorial service. So when I switched on the tele to allow Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson into my living room for some early morning company, another woman who was promoting her new book on Gough and Margaret greeted me instead. Now I have to confess that I think Gough and Margaret happen to be one of the power couples of the past century, and to their credit each lived to a very ripe old age which I think speaks volumes about being in a compatible and happy marriage. When the authors name was revealed, I had to smile. Susan Mitchell is an author and has published fifteen books narrating and analyzing all aspects of Australian society, particularly the role of women, starting with her best selling ‘Tall Poppies’.

I had purchased the house I now live in from her in 1997! The woman whose writing studio, specifically designed by her I now inhabit as my own creative space for dedicated painting and writing.

How was that for an amazing coincidence and endorsement from the Universe that I was on track? Coincidences are exactly that; messages of validation that speak to us from that mystical cosmic plane, ‘The Universe’.

Sacrifice can be purchased from in print, or ebook from

As the author of this work I (Barbara Harkness) acknowledge the moral rights to the above have been asserted with the copyright, designs and patents act 1988. If you wish to use any of my material you may contact me for permission.


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